World's Most Compact, Light Weight, and Affordable Life Rafts! 

Safety Equipment

 Weight Description Price Item
14 lbs.
Immersion Suit

Part #SUI0001

FEATURES Three fingered mitt to keep your fingers warmer. Two zipper tab pulls on zipper located at top and bottom of zipper.

11.5 lbs.

Jungle Survival Kit

Part # 1001 (KIT0005)

The compact and light weight jungle kit sustains 1 Man for 5 Days!


1.1 lbs.

Life Vest 2-cell w/Emergency Locator Light (FAA TSO C13f)

Part # XF-35  (VES0001)

FAA TSO C13f approved.  New 5-year interval of inspection.  Packed in Standard Polybag.  Lightest Twin Cell Vest on the Market!



2.5 lbs.

Watermaker "Survivor 06"

Part # WAT0101-101

Take the Survivor along with you and forget your fresh water worries. Drifting on the open sea used to create the age-old dilemma:  water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.  That's all changed.


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